HAPPY EASTER WELLINGTON (and a four month thank you!)

From The Residents Easter....Bunny?

Who else is in a Chocolate coma?! Sticky fingers, silver foil and bunny jokes hopping mad. Easter is so great. Chocolate for breakfast, Chocolate for lunch - I would eat Chocolate for dinner but by that time I am feeling ill. Never mind - you know what's for desert...

On another note, I can't believe it has been almost four months of proper Residents posts every week (we won't count the dark days - or should I say years - of my lack lustre and shoddy posting schedule). Wow! How the time flies. Thank you all for reading The Residents. You all leave such lovely comments and it makes me all warm and fuzzy like the Easter Bunny. I really value your time and hope to put up posts that are interesting and informative about Wellington and Wellingtonians. You have such wonderful passion for the city. It inspires me to keep finding stories about the people of the city. You are all amazing!

Please feel free to send me post suggestions (there is a link in the header) or ideas. I am also interested in collaborating with brands, from Wellington or other places! You can email me on theresidentsofwelly@gmail.com.

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Have a hoppy holiday, whatever you believe in. Even if it is the Easter puppy...

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